Authors and Contributors

Access to Decision-Making

Chandra Farley — founder and CEO, ReSolve Consulting
Camille Kadoch — senior associate and general counsel, RAP

Erin Sherman — RMI
Anne McKibbin — Elevate
Ezell Watson III — Oregon Public Utility Commission

Codes and Performance Standards

Erin Beddingfield — formerly associate director of codes and policy, NBI
Kim Cheslak — formerly director of codes, NBI
Camille Kadoch — RAP

Amy Boyce — IMT
Erin Sherman — RMI
Adam Hinge — Sustainable Energy Partnerships
Louise Sunderland — RAP
Steve Nadel — ACEEE


David Farnsworth — principal, RAP
Jessica Shipley — senior associate, RAP
Camille Kadoch — RAP

Steve Nadel — ACEEE
Sherri Billimoria and Mike Henchen — RMI
Scott Blunk — Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Funding and Finance

Cliff Majersik — senior advisor, policy and programs, IMT
Camille Kadoch — RAP

Ellie White — RMI
Richard Sedano — RAP
Matt Flaherty and Stephen Bickel — Clean Energy Works
Bridgett Neely — Firefly Energy Consulting


Megan Andersonsenior associate, RAP
Richard Cowartprincipal, RAP
Elaine Prausesenior associate, RAP
Richard Sedanopresident and CEO, RAP
Nancy Seidmansenior advisor, RAP
David Farnsworth — RAP
Camille Kadoch — RAP

Marty Kushler — ACEEE
Chris Neme — Energy Futures Group
Sara Baldwin — Energy Innovation

Weatherization and Home Retrofit

David Smedick — manager, carbon-free buildings team, RMI
Camille Kadoch — RAP

Chase Counts — Community Housing Partners
Stefen Samarripas — ACEEE
Anne McKibbin — Elevate
Aimee Gendusa-English — Community Action Partnership

Workforce Development

Mary MacPherson — formerly state policy manager, ACEEE
Camille Kadoch — RAP

Sandy Fazeli and Grace Lowe — National Association of State Energy Officials
Anne McKibbin — Elevate
Cindy Winland — Community Transition Planning
Francis Eanes — Maine Labor Climate Council
Cynthia Phinney — Maine AFL-CIO
Steve Nadel and Edward Yim — ACEEE

Editorial Coordinators

Donna Brutkoski — communications associate, RAP
Ruth Hare — publications coordinator, RAP
Steena Williams — communications coordinator, RAP

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